WFH Virtual Summit 2020 Review Magazine

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the WFH International Congress this year, which was due to take place in Malaysia, was organized virtually in June as a Global Summit.

The event was very successful. We did lose the ability to interact face to face, to meet speakers, to discuss new information together. However, we gained the opportunity for people who would otherwise not have been able to attend due to time or finance constraints to attend. It was also great to see that registration was free of charge, enabling any member of the Society who wished to attend, to do so.

As you would expect, the programme was varied and multidisciplinary with a particular focus on Gene Therapy, Novel current and future therapies. It was good to see a growing emphasis on traditionally overlooked areas of von Willebrands, rare bleeding disorders and women and bleeding disorders receiving more attention.

Over the course of the week, there were 55 sessions with 8551 participants from 159 Countries from across the globe. This attendance included; 1817 haematologists, 1758 from industry, 889 people with bleeding disorder and 477 nurses

This publication is just a snapshot of the week but we hope you find it interesting and informative.