Outreach & Support

The Irish Haemophilia Society offers outreach and support services including home and hospital visits, regional visits, school visits and counselling to:

  • Adults with haemophilia
  • Older adults with haemophilia
  • Children with haemophilia and their families
  • Families with a new diagnosis of haemophilia
  • Persons with haemophilia who have been affected with HIV and/or Hepatitis C
  • The families of those who have died of either or both viruses
  • Carriers of haemophilia
  • Persons with von Willebrand’s Disorder
  • Women with bleeding disorders
  • Individuals with rare bleeding disorders
  • Persons with haemophilia and their families who have moved to Ireland from abroad


The ongoing level of personal contact between the I.H.S. staff and I.H.S. members is very high. Each member of staff is trained and educated sufficiently about haemophilia and the ramifications of living with a bleeding disorder to enable them to proactively engage with and assist members. Members build relationships with the staff team from their attendance at conferences and meetings. These relationships are very helpful in allowing us to optimally help the members. We maintain a database for member contact and each call to a member is logged. In this way, we can check to ensure that there are not a large number of members who have not been contacted.

Staff are routinely in contact with members within normal working hours and often at weekends or in the evenings, as many members cannot be contacted by phone during the day, due to work or college commitments. Specific advice and support will continue also to be provided by the I.H.S. in relation to services available under the Health Amendment Act Card to members with HIV and/or Hepatitis C.

Please contact the office on 01 6579900 if you require some information or support.

In the case of an out of hours emergency, please call the office on 01 6579900. You will be directed to the answering machine, where you can obtain contact details of our emergency contact person.