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Welcome to haemophilia.ie

Representing people living with haemophilia, von willebrand’s and other inherited bleeding disorders

The Irish Haemophilia Society represents the interests of people with haemophilia, von Willebrand’s disease and other inherited bleeding disorders. We provide information, education, publications, outreach and support, advocacy, hospital and home visits and conferences and events for people with bleeding disorders and their families. We aim to assist people with bleeding disorders to be positive and proactive with their health and to maximise their quality of life.

For a full list of treatment centres in Ireland, please click here


CEO Update | May 29, 2020

  Dental Care In this weeks E Zine, we include an update by Laura Parkinson, Dental Hospital on the use of telemedicine in Dentistry for people with bleeding disorders during the pandemic. Laura has been one of Alison Dougall’s key Read more >

Upcoming Webinars

Continuing with our series of Webinars and Q&A Sessions, we have further meetings coming up on; Wednesday, May 27th @ 11am: Hemlibra Update for Parents with Dr Beatrice Nolan and CHI Crumlin Team Tuesday, June 3rd @ 11am – Exercise Read more >

CEO Update | May 22, 2020

Gene Therapy As Gene Therapy clinical trials in haemophilia continue, there is every possibility that we will see the first licenced Gene Therapy for Haemophilia A this year and for Haemophilia B in 2021. There has been ongoing discussion in Read more >

Physiotherapy Update: National Coagulation Centre, St James’s Hospital

The physiotherapy team in the National Coagulation Centre (NCC) in St James’s Hospital, is doing a survey of people with severe haemophilia that attend the NCC. They are looking for feedback on their annual physiotherapy and Haemophilia Joint Health Score Read more >

Annual Report 2019

Our Annual Report 2019 is available now with overviews on our activities, events, support and finance, and more from last year. A hard copy will be be printed and mailed to member’s in the future but for now, it’s digital Read more >