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Welcome to haemophilia.ie

Representing people living with haemophilia, von willebrand’s and other inherited bleeding disorders

The Irish Haemophilia Society represents the interests of people with haemophilia, von Willebrand’s disease and other inherited bleeding disorders. We provide information, education, publications, outreach and support, advocacy, hospital and home visits and conferences and events for people with bleeding disorders and their families. We aim to assist people with bleeding disorders to be positive and proactive with their health and to maximise their quality of life.

For a full list of treatment centres in Ireland, please click here


KIDS Virtual Conference 2020

We are delighted to announce a Virtual Conference for young I.H.S. members on Saturday, November 7, 2020. With the October Conference taking place virtually this year we wanted to make sure that our young member’s are not left out. Hopefully Read more >

Virtual October Conference 2020

The Irish Haemophilia Society is delighted to announce a Virtual October Conference 2020. The conference will take place via Zoom on Saturday, October 17 & Sunday, October 18; between 10AM & 1PM both days. The event is free to attend but Read more >

Watch: The Role of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Haemophilia

We’ve been uploading recordings from our ongoing series of webinars so you catch up on the ones you’ve missed at your convenience. The latest of which is ‘Future Services: The Role of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner’ with Niamh Larkin, cANP. Read more >

von Willebrand Disorder Webinar :: Sept 29, 2020

We were very disappointed to have had to cancel our von Willebrand Disorder (vWD) Information Day in Castleknock Hotel, in its place however, we have a virtual event. The I.H.S. is delighted to announce an information webinar on von Willebrand Read more >

Haemophilia & von Willebrand Disorder; An Essential Handbook for Parents

As a parent, when a child is diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, you may feel scared, worried and perhaps even guilty. This may be an especially hard time for those who have no family history of the condition. It is Read more >