leave a legacy

Leave a Legacy

You will be aware that the Irish Haemophilia Society has broadly increased the support and services which we provide to members over recent years, to include additional conferences, educational meetings and publications. The Society is a professional charity with a committed volunteer board and professional staff who deal with the challenges ahead with energy, compassion and empathy.

As members of the Society, you have been and continue to be generous. We greatly appreciate any fundraising which members carry out for the Society. We hope that you will consider extending this generosity of spirit into the future and hope that you give positive consideration to naming the Society as one of the beneficiaries in your will. Legacies, however small, left to the Society by members, friends and supporters may well prove to be an invaluable source of funding in the future and will give members an opportunity to contribute to a better future for people with haemophilia and bleeding disorders even after they have passed away.

We are asking members and friends of the organisation to leave a donation or legacy to the Society in your will. A strong, active and effective Haemophilia Society is essential and will continue to be essential in the future, if we are to optimise the quality of life for people with bleeding disorders in this country.

We hope that you will support our endeavours by considering leaving a legacy to the Society.

If you would like more information on this, or would like a codicil form forwarded onto you, please contact Debbie or Nina in the office on 01 6579900.


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