Haemophilia Product Selection Monitoring Advisory Board

Haemophilia Product Selection Monitoring Advisory Board The Haemophilia Product Selection & Monitoring Advisory Board (HPSMAB) is a body set up to advise and make recommendations to the Minister for Health on the selection of products for the treatment of haemophilia, von Willebrand’s disease and other related bleeding disorders. The HPSMAB formally advises the Minister for Health and recommends the products to use by conducting National Procurement Tender processes. The Irish Haemophilia Society has two representatives on the board.

The functions of the HPSMAB are as follows:

  1. To decide on the products to be purchased on a national tender basis.
  2. To ensure that products purchased meet the agreed criteria.
  3. To tender, place contracts and administer contracts.
  4. To monitor product delivery.
  5. To put in place emergency backup procedures in relation to ongoing safety, supply and availability.
  6. To monitor international developments.
  7. To monitor the evolving risk of infection and take appropriate action to minimise risks.

A review commissioned by the Irish Haemophilia Society of all tenders and product amounts purchased between 2002 and 2018 was carried out. This included treatments for FVIII (including Immune Tolerance Induction), FIX, von Willebrands and FX. The cost avoidance associated with the hard work and dedication of the members of the HPSMAB totalled approximately € 175 million saved on behalf of the state.

Members of the HPSMAB

Chairperson: Prof. Niamh O’Connell (National Haemophilia Director, St. James’s Hospital)

Vice Chairperson: Mr. Brian O’Mahony (CEO, Irish Haemophilia Society)

  • Members:
  • Dr Cleona Duggan (Cork University Hospital)
  • Dr Beatrice Nolan (Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin)
  • Ms. Evelyn Singleton (National Coagulation Centre, St. James’s Hospital.)
  • Mr. Declan Noone (Irish Haemophilia Society)
  • Mr Norman Latham (St. James’s Hospital)
  • Mr David Gunning (St. James’s Hospital)
  • Matthew McCabe (Irish Haemophilia Society member)
  • Radoslaw Kaczmarek (Ex-officio)

You can find further information about the work of the HPSMAB here, under case studies: WFH Tender Guide 2015.