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Gene Therapy – The Patient Perspective

One of the major topics at our AGM & Conference at the beginning of March was Novel Therapies.

A major area of development in Haemophilia is in Gene Therapy. Several clinical trials are underway for both FVIII and FIX. Indeed, it is our clear expectation that some people with haemophilia here in Ireland will have an opportunity to participate in some of these clinical trials.

We understand that the science of Gene Therapy is complex and not always easy to communicate.

We are delighted therefore to announce that over the next few weeks, we will be posting a short video on Gene Therapy each Friday.

These short professionally produced videos were commissioned by the European Haemophilia Consortium. The speakers were carefully selected, not only for their understanding of the topic, but for their clear ability to communicate this information.

This week’s video is an overview on \’Gene Therapy – The Patient Perspective\’ with Jack Grehan from the UK.

We hope you enjoy these short presentations. We would very much welcome your feedback and comments.

The previous videos are available in the Newsfeed section of our website.