News 2021

Information for NCC patients regarding the Astra Zeneca COVID19 (Vaxevria) vaccine

COVID19 vaccines, including the AstraZeneca (Vaxrevia) vaccine, play an important role in containing this pandemic infection and in preventing COVID19 disease, which can be a severe condition with an increased risk of thrombosis. The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) has Read more >

WFH and EHC release joint statement on AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Below is a joint statement from WFH and EHC on AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine – April 12, 2021 EMA, ISTH, WHO and many countries recommend benefit of COVID-19 vaccination outweighs the risks Risks of adverse events no higher in people with Read more >

An Update from I.H.S CEO on Covid-19 Vaccination

First published in our regular e-Zine on April 9, 2021 Covid-19 Vaccination The Society have been receiving a significant number of queries in relation to Covid-19 vaccination. Questions have been asked about prioritisation, where people will receive the vaccine, precautions Read more >

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