Travel Insurance

What is the Travel Insurance Scheme?
The Travel Insurance scheme will enable persons who have been infected within the State with Hepatitis C and/or HIV by blood or blood products to take out travel insurance as if they were not infected.

What is the Travel Insurance Scheme called?
The Travel Insurance Scheme will be referred to as Emerald Travel Insurance.

How will it work?
Eligible individuals will take out a travel insurance policy and pay the normal premium to the insurer. Any additional premium charges are paid to the insurer by the administrator.

Will there be any financial penalty because I have Hepatitis C and/or HIV?
No. The Travel Insurance Scheme will enable everyone who was infected with Hepatitis C and/or HIV, within the State by blood or blood products to take out insurance without financial penalty, irrespective of existing health conditions.

Do I need my Eligibility Certificate to access the Travel Insurance Scheme?
Yes. When you decide to take out travel insurance the insurer will require the number of your Eligibility Certificate.

I don\’t have an Eligibility Certificate. How do I get one?
Contact the administrator at the Insurance Scheme Office on 0818 200113.

Who can take out Travel Insurance?

  • All eligible person\’s who contracted Hepatitis C and/or HIV from the receipt of blood or blood products within the State.
  • The spouse or partner of an eligible person.
  • Dependants of an eligible person.
  • Other relatives or friends whose travel arrangements are likely to be affected because of the pre-existing medical conditions of an eligible person.


How do I take out travel insurance?
All applications for travel insurance will be made by telephone. You telephone the contact number of the insurer and complete the application by answering the questions they ask.

Will I have to do a medical?
No. An independent medical screening company acting on behalf of the insurer will ask you questions about your health, this is called medical pre-screening.

What is Medical Pre-Screening?
In order for the insurer to decide how your health affects the risk, they will ask you questions about your health. You are obliged to disclose all relevant information about your health. It is important that you do this because if you do not, your policy may not be valid. If you are unsure about any aspect of your health you should tell the insurer and let them decide if it should be considered.

Who will have access to the information that I give about my health?
The medical pre-screener and insurance company. This information will not be shared with any other individual or body unless it is necessary to do so to support the payment of a claim. The administrator of the insurance scheme will not have access to this information.

If relatives or friends call will there be any mention of my Hepatitis C and/or HIV?

What information will the administrator get?
The insurer will provide the administrator with the name, address and date of birth of all persons to be insured under the policy.

What type of cover is available?
You may take out an annual multi-trip policy only. This means that you may travel on as many trips every year as you wish. (Please note that variations in policy terms may apply if another insurer offers travel insurance under the Scheme).

Can I travel anywhere?
Yes. The policy applies to any destination worldwide.

How long can any trip last?
31 days, however, there is an option to extend the duration of any trip but this can only be done with permission from the insurer.
(Please note that variations in policy terms may apply if another insurer offers travel insurance under the scheme).

How will it work?
Relevant claimant:
The relevant claimant (i.e. the state infected individual) will only pay the standard normal premium to the Insurer. The administrator will pay any additional premiums to the insurance company for all pre-existing medical conditions.

Rest of the travelling party:
The scheme will only pay any loadings which the travel insurance company may impose because of the pre-existing medical condition of the relevant claimant.

What happens if another person to be insured under the policy has a pre-existing medical condition that has nothing to do with my being infected?
That person will be required to declare their pre-existing medical condition to the travel insurer. If the travel insurer decides to impose a loading, then either you or that person will have to pay that loading.

What will happen if all pre-existing medical conditions are not declared?
This could lead to the travel insurance policy being invalid and claims under the policy being declined.

Will medical conditions other than Hepatitis C and/or HIV be covered under the scheme?
Persons with an Eligibility Certificate with other conditions as well as Hepatitis C and/or HIV will have these conditions covered by the Scheme.

Should I inform the travel insurance company if my medical condition changes mid-year?
Yes, if there is a change to your medical condition or to your medication regime and you intend to travel then you should call the medical pre-screener.

Can I add people to the policy after it is taken out?
Yes, by ringing 0818 200113. They will only be insured until the renewal date. You will be charged for the remaining months left on the policy.

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