Insurance Scheme

The Hepatitis C Insurance Scheme was set up under the Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal (Amendment) Act (No.22) of 2006 and provides for three different types of Insurance Cover to be taken out:

1. Life Assurance

2. Mortgage Protection Cover

3. Travel Insurance

The scheme enables people with state acquired Hepatitis C and or HIV to take out Life Insurance as if they were not infected. Individuals who take out insurance under the scheme, only pay the standard normal premium to the insurer. The scheme pays any additional premiums to the insurance company and covers additional risks for persons who are deemed uninsurable.

If you would like more information on this scheme, please call 1850 211 570.
(Everyone involved with the process are obliged by law to maintain the strictest confidentiality in respect of all matters and will not allow unauthorised access to any information or records held.)

Mr. John Dwyer,
Insurance Scheme,
Health Service Executive,
Mill Lane,
Dublin 20.
Telephone: 01 620 1660
Email: insuranceinfo@mailf.hse.ie