vwd week

World Haemophilia Week :: 2021 Theme :: von Willebrands Disorder

Join the Irish Haemophilia Society for World Haemophilia Week 2021 as we focus on von Willebrands Disorder (VWD).

We fully appreciate the need for greater education about VWD, greater public awareness and greater emphasis from the Society. To this end, VWD will be the focus of our events this year and we plan almost a week of VWD activities including;

Wednesday, April 14 @ 6pm: Webinar on ‘VWD Guidelines & Research for Diagnoses & Treatment’ with Dr. Michelle Lavin & Professor James O’Donnell.

Thursday, April 15: Launch of New VWD Booklet & Social Media Campaign

Friday, April 16: Launch of New Animated VWD Video

Monday, April 19 @ 6pm: Webinar on ‘Living with VWD’, a discussion panel with I.H.S. members Breda Quealy, Barry Quealy, Donal McCann & Shannon Carey

To join us please give us a call on 01 657 9900 or email info@haemophilia.ie for more details.

To join us for any of the Webinars, please use the link & meeting ID below:

Join Zoom Meeting
Password: 1968

If you plan to join, we would appreciate it if you could drop Barry an email at barry@haemophilia.ie to give us an idea of numbers.

FYI: We shall be recording the audio and slides from selected Webinars to make them available to those that cannot attend. Please be assured that only audio from speaker’s presentations and not Q&As will be recorded. Attendees will not be identifiable on the recordings.