Medical syringe and needle with reflection image.

ACE 9-10 Bispecific Antibody

Another very exciting product under development is called an ACE 9-10 bispecific antibody. For people without haemophilia A, factor VIII promotes the interaction between activated factor IX and factor X and therefore results in coagulation and clot formation. This bispecific antibody links the activated factor IX with factor X without the requirement to have factor VIII present. The product, which would be administered subcutaneously once a week or once a month, could be a therapeutic option for prophylaxis for people with factor VIII deficiency or factor VIII inhibitors. The product, currently going under the name Emicizumab mimics the effect of factor VIII. In phase one initial clinical trials, the annual bleed rate was reduced by between 64%-96%. For the higher doses, a 93%-100% reduction in bleeds was achieved with only mild or moderate adverse effects. This product is currently going into phase three clinical trials and following our liaison and interaction with the company developing this product, we are delighted that Ireland will be included in the clinical trials for this product.

July 2016