IHS AGM 2023-147

Where to listen to ‘Tainted Blood’ Newstalk Documentary

Links to 'Tainted Blood' documentary.

Newstalk recently ran a radio documentary entitled ‘Tainted Blood’, which shares the story of the haemophilia community during the HIV crisis and the actions that had to be taken to secure justice for the community. 

The documentary includes the voices of those impacted and those involved in seeking justice for the community. Colm Walsh, whose brother contracted HIV and eventually died of AIDs, features on the documentary. 

Also featuring on the documentary are Brian O’Mahony, who shares information about the Irish Haemophilia Society’s role in offering support to the community during the crisis and Margaret Dunne, former Office Administrator of the IHS, as pictured above.  

The documentary is available to listen to on the Go Loud app here: Tainted Blood – GoLoud Player, on Spotify here: Tainted Blood – Documentary on Newstalk | Podcast on Spotify and on Apple Podcasts here: ‎Documentary on Newstalk: Tainted Blood on Apple Podcasts