VHI Women’s Mini Marathon 2020

Are you looking for a challenge this summer or simply some fun in the sun?

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about this year\’s VHI Women’s Mini Marathon.

The race this year will take place in Dublin on the Bank Holiday Sunday, May 31 2020 at 2pm.

Online registration is open from March 3, so don’t delay, register today!

Visit vhiwomensminimarathon.ie to register online or for postal entries fill out an entry form which will be printed in the Evening Herald every Wednesday and Saturday from early March.

Last year’s race saw 25,480 women taking part in the largest women’s event of its kind in the world. This year we are asking for your help to raise funds in aid of the I.H.S. and more importantly raise awareness of bleeding disorders in Ireland.

It is generally perceived that bleeding disorders are exclusively male inherited bleeding disorders, but this is not the case. von Willebrand’s affects both men and women, with over half of the diagnosed patients in Ireland being female. Rarer bleeding disorders also affect females. And while women rarely suffer from severe haemophilia, it is quite common for carriers of haemophilia to have relatively low factor levels (less than 50%) which means that they have mild haemophilia and are a person with a bleeding disorder as well as a carrier.

Remember this is a FEMALE ONLY event. If you have a bleeding disorder or if you are the mother, sister, daughter, niece, cousin or friend of a person with a bleeding disorder, now is your chance to show your support by taking part in this year’s VHI Women’s Mini Marathon to raise funds for the I.H.S.

Remember you must register with the event organisers to ensure you get your race number to allow you to take part and to receive your commemorative medal on the day.

If you would like to fundraise for the I.H.S. or would like some more info, please contact Nina on 01 657 9900 or email nina@haemophilia.ie

Thank you!