Updates from the Haemophilia Centres

A couple of updates from the Haemophilia Centres for members….

Firstly, the iNDICI National electronic healthcare record (EHR) for people with Haemophilia and Allied Bleeding disorders will go live on October 14, 2019. While the system has been well tested and major glitches are not anticipated, they would like to make patients aware that there may be some delays in the centres on that week.


Secondly, the staff in the NCC would like to advise patients that if you are on Home treatment and are due to have a procedure or surgery in St James’s Hospital, the Haemophilia nurse will be in contact with you a week prior to your procedure/surgery so that a treatment plan is put in place regarding the days you will need to take your prophylaxis. This patient safety initiative is being undertaken to try to reduce delays on the day of surgery/procedure, for the patient.