Update on Comprehensive Care Services & Prescribed HIV Medicines

A couple of quick updates for member\’s on Comprehensive Care Services & prescribed HIV medicines.

Comprehensive Care services for haemophilia and inherited bleeding disorders

It is worth repeating that despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, the comprehensive care centres continue to function. If you need to attend with a serious bleeding episode or in an emergency, please do so but do contact the centre by phone before travelling there so that they can give you updated advice on procedures.

Prescribed medicines for those on treatment for HIV

Specialised medicines for those with HIV are normally collected from the special unit in St. James\’s Hospital. Arrangements are being made for home delivery of these prescribed medications by TCP for those who are currently on home treatment and home delivery for factor concentrates or Hemlibra.

For those with HIV and haemophilia who are not currently in receipt of home delivery, individual arrangements will be made for each person.