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update for people with bleeding disorders attending the NCC

We have received an update for members with bleeding disorders attending the NCC, please see below:

The global COVID19 pandemic is ongoing and we would like to thank you for your continued support and patience.

Although overall case numbers and numbers of people needing hospitalisation have improved in comparison to earlier waves, there is a considerable rate of transmission in the community. This is also affecting patients admitted in hospital and healthcare workers and as a result, hospital services continue to be severely affected in all hospitals throughout the country.

Unfortunately, this means that it is not possible to operate a “business as usual” service at the National Coagulation Service (NCC). In addition, the NCC team are experiencing significant short- and long-term staff shortages. We would like to update you on the situation regarding NCC services:

People with bleeding disorders who require admission or are having procedures:

  • Planned surgeries continue to be severely curtailed in St James’s Hospital. It is not possible to predict when routine planned surgeries requiring admission will resume.
  • Some day-case procedures are still proceeding.
  • If you are given a date for a procedure of any kind in any healthcare facility, PLEASE inform the NCC as soon as possible using the contact details at the end of this update.
  • Emergency admissions continue to be managed through the Emergency department.
  • PLEASE contact the NCC by phone if you have an issue which requires urgent assessment – we prefer to know in advance if you are attending the ED as this will make the experience faster and smoother for you.
  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, St James’s Hospital is still operating COVID and non-COVID admission pathways. H&H ward continues to be utilised by the Hospital in the COVID admission pathway and is therefore not available for use by people with bleeding disorders. The Admissions team is responsible for ward allocation and people with bleeding disorders will be admitted to a suitable general ward, depending on the clinical problem and priority.

NCC out-patient clinics and H&H assessment unit (HHAU) services:

  • Patient consultations in the out-patient clinics are generally in person at present. Telephone or video call can be arranged in situations where appropriate to do so (with Consultant approval).
  • Phlebotomy / Blood testing remains restricted to blood tests required as determined by the NCC medical team and is carried out in the HHAU.
  • Planned and urgent treatments are being given in the HHAU by appointment only. The unit will operate from 08:30-17:00hrs Monday –Friday only.
  • Where possible you should attend the HHAU on your own. If you require assistance, a person may accompany you but may be asked to wait outside of the HHAU area until you are ready to be discharged.

Update regarding COVID19 vaccination:

Where possible, we encourage everyone to avail of primary vaccination for COVID-19 or booster vaccines/additional doses in line with the HSE recommendations. Advice on management of vaccination for people with bleeding or thrombotic (clotting) disorders is on the NCC website (at the following links).

Bleeding disorders

People on anticoagulation

  • People with bleeding disorders who need prior treatment for vaccination should contact their comprehensive care or treatment centre to arrange this. In some cases, where people live a long distance from a treatment centre, it may be possible to arrange treatment at a local hospital.
  • There is no contra-indication to COVID19 vaccination for people with a history of thrombosis or on an anticoagulant. There is no evidence of any link between mRNA vaccines and thrombosis at the present time.

Our contact details remain unchanged:

For emergency /urgent calls in relation to an active bleed or possible bleed or an urgent unplanned procedure: Monday–Friday 08:00-17:00hrs

Phone (01) 4103000 and ask for bleep 721

Phone (087) 9010301 to contact our Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

Out of hours: Monday- Friday 17:00-08:00hrs, weekends and bank holidays

Phone the St James’s Hospital switchboard (01) 4103000 and ask for the ‘on call’ Haematology Senior House Officer.

For non-urgent clinical queries: Monday–Friday 08:00-17:00hrs

Phone (01) 4103130 and leave a message with your name, hospital number and contact details

For queries in relation to non- clinical requests: Monday- Friday 08:30-17:00hrs

For example: appointments, documentation requests

Phone (01) 4162141 or (01) 4162142

Fax: (01) 4103570


Postal address: National Coagulation Centre, St James’s Hospital, James’s Street Dublin 8, D08 A978

The situation is constantly evolving and we hope to see further improvements in the coming months. Thank you for understanding the pressures that the NCC team are experiencing and we promise to continue to work to resume normal services as soon as possible.

Keep safe,

National Coagulation Centre Team