Important Reminder

Please see below specific cases where members encountered real difficulty because they did not have useful documentation with them, when needing treatment.

Case 1:  
A member endured several hours of delay before assessment and adequate treatment was provided at a major Dublin teaching hospital. He did not have his Severe Bleeding Disorder Alert card in his wallet.

Reminder: Please carry your Severe Bleeding Disorder Alert Card with you at all times.

Case 2: 
A member was billed for treatment with factor concentrate in an EU Country as they did not have an EHIC card.

Reminder: Please make sure that each of you has an EHIC card.

Case 3: 
A member who was hospitalised abroad had inadvertently not renewed his Travel Insurance available to HAA card holders.

Reminder: Please renew your travel insurance and do not allow it to lapse. Please also be aware that reminders are not routinely sent out.


Please ensure you carry all the necessary documents with you at all times, particularly when travelling abroad.