Other Haemophilia Treatment Centres

University College Hospital
Telephone: 091 524 222

Consultant Haematologist 
Dr. Ruth Gilmore

Haemophilia Nurse Specialist
Ms. Maura Sweeney
Tel: 091 5442222 Bleep 673

Please contact Maura Sweeney on the above number from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday if you have a concern, or the haematology registrar on call through the switch.

The treatment centre in Galway is officially recognised as a European Haemophilia Treatment Centre (E.H.T.C.)


Letterkenny General Hospital
Telephone: 074 9125888

Consultant Haematologist:
Dr. Ruth Morrell
Tel: 074 9123799

Haemophilia Nurse Specialist:
Adrian O’Daliaigh
Telephone: 074 9123799 Bleep: 708


Limerick Regional Hospital
Telephone: 061 301 111

Consultant Haematologist 
Dr. Denis O’Keefe


Waterford Regional Hospital
Telephone: 051 848000

Consultant Haematologist 
Dr. Brian Hennessy

Haemophilia Nurse
Martina Keogh


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