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The Long Acting Factor 9 (LAF9) study

The Long Acting Factor 9 (LAF9) study is being carried out in the National Coagulation Centre to assess the impact of switching from Benefix to Alprolix treatment for adults with severe haemophilia B. This study is investigating the clinical outcomes and personal experiences of people who switched treatment in 2017.

As part of this study, they are inviting all participants to take part in an optional, individual video interview.

An experienced Clinical Psychologist from the NCC or the Department of Psychology in Trinity College Dublin will talk to you about how switching to Alprolix has impacted on you. The team are interested in your experience, whether it is positive or negative or neutral. The themes to be explored have been developed in conjunction with a patient focus group from the Irish Haemophilia Society.

The interviews will be done by video so you do not have to attend the NCC and can be done at a time convenient to you.

You should receive a detailed information leaflet in the post in the next two weeks and a member of the research team, Dr Mairead O’Donovan, will give you a call to answer any questions you might have regarding this study and to see if you are interested in participating.

You do not have to participate in the interviews if you do not wish to and this will not impact your normal medical care and treatment nor your participation in the rest of the LAF9 study.