St James’s Hospital Transport Restrictions at the Weekend

St James’s Hospital have been in touch with us to clarify advice for patients regarding the restrictions in place relating to the Pope’s visit this weekend. St James’s Hospital will have transport accessibility restrictions in place.

James\’s Hospital ask that in accordance with normal policy, if a patient requires advice/review that they phone the ward on (01) 4103132 or phone the hospital switch on (01)4103000 and ask to speak to the coagulation doctor on call. A decision can be made between the staff member and the patient on the best course of action to take.

The cordons around the city are not under the control of St James’s Hospital and management here has been advised that common sense should prevail at cordons should someone try to access the hospital as a patient by car. St James’s hospital will be accessible by emergency vehicle or public transport.

Visiting patients will not be restricted, however those visiting will have to use public transport.

St James’s website has information on public transport routes to access the campus.