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Spring Magazine Out Now!

Our Spring Magazine is out now and is packed with plenty of interesting articles from members and staff, news and updates, reports and more.

We like you are hopeful that as 2021 progresses and vaccines rollout, we will begin to see the end of the pandemic on the horizon. The I.H.S. team is continuing, like many of you, to work remotely but we are very proud of the work we’ve achieved in these trying times and how our community has remained; we are especially pleased with how our Virtual AGM & Conference went.

In this issue Brian shares his thoughts on our Virtual Conference & AGM and outlines the new von Willebrand (VWD) guidelines and looks at World Haemophilia Day 2021, with a weeklong focus on VWD. Elsewhere, Robert gives the lowdown on the new I.H.S. Health & Wellness programme; a members guide to be the best you can be.

There is an update on the iPATH study’s progress into 2021 and some personal perspectives on the I.H.S. grants & how the I.H.S. can help you with your studies. I.H.S. member John O’Mahony reflects on a little adventure and the despair of encountering a total stranger at his bedside not wearing a mask – this is a very funny story!

You can read / download the latest issue below – we hope you enjoy reading it!