Routine follow up in the National Coagulation Centre for people with Mild Bleeding Disorders

People with mild bleeding disorders (including Low Von Willebrand factor, mild factor deficiencies, Bleeding Disorders of Unknown Aetiology and platelet disorders) are registered at the National Coagulation Centre (NCC).

In general, people with these mild bleeding disorders will have regular contact with one of the NCC medical or nursing team every 1-2 years. This may be done by a telehealth consultation.

Routine blood testing is not needed for most people with mild bleeding disorders. Any blood tests which are needed will be ordered by your NCC healthcare professional based on your symptoms or clinical needs.

Urgent medical review in a clinic or the H&H assessment unit is available for people with acute bleeding issues –

Emergency Contact Details

Monday-Friday (0800-1700): Please call 01-4103130 or 01-4103000 and ask for bleep 721.

Out of hours: Please call 01-4103000 and ask for the Haematology Oncology SHO “on call”.

Pain relief prescription management

To ensure patient safety and appropriate prescribing, all patients attending the NCC should provide details of their registered General Practitioner.

Provision of repeat prescriptions for pain relief medications (including paracetamol, paracetamol and codeine combinations, etoricoxib (Arcoxia) and all forms of opiates) should be done by the patient’s registered General Practitioner.

The NCC medical staff and nurse prescribers can provide short-term prescriptions for pain relief medications only for short term/acute episodes as clinically appropriate.