New Version of Homescan App Available Now

A new version of the Homescan App is now available for download via both Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

The App includes enhanced features to help better manage your care and reduce medication wastage.

There are some Frequently Asked Questions about the app update below

There is also a comprehensive walkthrough guide for the app available here.

Is the App free?

Yes –  it is available in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

How to do I download the App?

In order to download the app a smartphone is needed. The App can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Can I have the app on more than one device?

Yes – the app can be on multiple devices.

How do I know I have the up to date version of the app?

– If you try to download the app you will receive a message stating your app is up to date

– You can check what version you currently have by opening the app, at the bottom of the first screen you will see what version you have.

How do I log on to the app?

If you have never used the app before, contact your treatment centre who will issue you with a ID card and login details.

If you have used the app before continuing to log on as normal.

Why should I scan my treatment?

In order to make sure the treatment is safe to take you should always scan your treatment before you take it in order to check:

– Treatment is your treatment of choice

– Treatment is in date

– Treatment is not on a recall list

I lost my card; can I still use the app?

Yes, you can manually log on using your user name and password. If you cannot remember these, contact your treatment centre.

Which barcode should I scan?

Always make sure you are scanning the square barcode.


The app is telling me I have shorter dated stock, what should I do?

Note: This alert is only valid if your treatment is stored in the fridge. Ignore these short-dated alerts if your keep your treatment out of the fridge.

– If you urgently need to take your treatment just continue.

– However, it is always best to use the shorter dated stock first, so that it is less likely that you will have expired treatment.

I cannot scan my treatment?

If you are unable to scan the barcode before you have taken your treatment, put the treatment box aside and try scanning another treatment. If that works, continue with your treatment and contact your treatment centre with details of the box that did not scan.

In the unlikely event you have taken your treatment before scanning, please write the treatment date and reason for treatment on the box (avoid writing on or near the barcode) and contact your treatment centre with details of the box that did not scan.

I have received an alert saying that I have scanned another patient’s treatment, what should I do?

Please see ‘Stock Information Alert 1’ in the user guide or contact your treatment centre.

Can I scan if I am abroad?

Yes, you can scan as normal when abroad. If you have any queries, contact your local treatment centre before travelling.

Can I scan if I have no data or Wi-Fi connection?

Yes – Your scanned information will be stored within the app until you have a data/wi-fi connection.