Long-term illness scheme

Read about how the Long-Term Illness scheme can help manage heavy menstrual bleeding in people with haemophilia.

Oral contraceptives and progesterone containing intrauterine devices are now available to women with haemophilia through the Long-Term Illness scheme, to manage heavy menstrual bleeding caused by a diagnosis of haemophilia.

Currently, under the Free Contraception Contract Scheme, launched in September 2022, free contraception is currently available for women 17-26 years. It is expected that by September 2023, free contraception will be available for women aged 17-30 years inclusive, through this scheme.

However, for women with haemophilia outside of the currently approved age category, they can now obtain oral contraceptives and progesterone containing intrauterine devices free of charge through the Long-Term Illness Scheme. Anyone with a diagnosis of haemophilia is eligible for the Long-Term Illness Scheme. The scheme covers certain medications and equipment for people with haemophilia. A list of medications and equipment covered by the scheme can be found on the HSE’s website here.

Until recently the list of medications included in the scheme did not include oral contraception and progesterone containing intrauterine devices, so this is a very welcome development. Heavy menstrual bleeding is a very common and significant symptom in women with haemophilia and can be very debilitating.

To apply for the Long-Term Illness scheme, you can access this link.

The initial prescription for oral contraceptives and progesterone containing intrauterine devices should originate from a Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre. Subsequent prescriptions can then be obtained from your GP.
Please direct any queries you have in relation to the scheme to:

Client Registration Unit

4th Floor



Dublin 11

Tel: (051) 595 129

Locall: 0818 22 44 78



If you require assistance in applying for the Long-Term Illness Scheme, please contact:

Gloria Rooney

Senior Social Worker in the National Coagulation Centre

CORU Reg:  SW003529

Tel: 01 410 3649