Long Term Illness Scheme


If you have certain long-term illnesses, you can apply to join the Long Term Illness Scheme. Haemophilia is one of the conditions that is covered under the scheme. To qualify for the scheme the requirements are that you must be a resident in Ireland, have a PPS number and have one of the conditions on the list.

You can apply through your Local Health office or you can download the form from the HSE website (www.hse.ie). When your application is processed, a Long-Term Illness book will be issued to you. This book contains the type and quantity of the drugs or medicines you need for haemophilia. Your doctor will sign it and you can then bring this book to the pharmacy when you need any of the items. If your doctor or an occupational therapist prescribes a medical or surgical appliance, it can be supplied to you from your Local Health Office. There is no separate application form for medical or surgical appliances – your doctor simply lists the type of appliance in your long-term illness book and signs it.

The Long-Term Illness Scheme does not cover any hospital fees, but there are some statutory exemptions to these charges including: having a Medical Card, a child up to the age of 6 years, a GP referral accompanied by GP letter to the emergency department. This exemption applies only to treatment for haemophilia.