Education & School

School may not be your favourite place, but it is an important part of life. Having a bleeding disorder may result in you missing days from school, this can be due to periods or muscle / joint bleeds. It is important that the school is aware of your bleeding disorder so they can help you to keep up to date with school work and ensure that you do not fall behind. It is also important that they know in case a situation arises when you are at school and need medical attention.

Talk to your parents first and decide on what action to take when informing the school. You may decide that you would like your parents to talk to your principal or year tutor or that you would like to be involved in the discussion. Informing the teaching staff does not mean that the pupils will know about your bleeding disorder, telling your fellow pupils and friends is something that you and you only can do. The teaching staff will respect your wishes to keep the status of your condition private.