Career Path

35 Jobs Later!


There’s got to be something learned from that?

In any one lifetime, we are faced with multiple choices regarding which route to take. We don’t always realise we are making a choice. We sometimes feel that we are born on a path and we are merely following this path that someone else has laid out for us. It’s only when you are in a position to look back that you realise that you have been an explorer in uncharted territory. The career you choose and the lifestyle you want require lots of exploration.

You need to know yourself before you know what you want out of life.

When I was preparing for the careers talk at the IHS conference, I had an opportunity to look back over my own career path and I was struck by the amount and variety of jobs I have had in my life to date. I was able to identify a pattern and a path, which has led me to my current career as a guidance counsellor. There is a truism I hear all the time, which says “we only learn from our mistakes”. If I believed this totally, I would not have decided on my own career. Other people’s mistakes and experiences can help us when we are making our own decisions. With this in mind, I can suggest three things to anyone who is looking to their future career.

Know yourself.
Know what you want most out of life.
Mistakes are merely learning opportunities we didn’t take advantage of.

No matter what subject you take in school or college, or what part-time summer job you do, you will always learn from that experience. You will learn what you like and don’t like, you will learn how you learn best and ultimately you will learn the best lesson of all:

“There are very few choices you make that are not reversible in some way”.

Ireland, along with the rest of the world, is changing every day and your challenge is to find your true place in it. Finding the right job for you will help you secure your place in the world.

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