Haemophilia Lighthouse Project


eHealth Ireland is working to deliver an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Ireland. As part of this, in 2016 eHealth Ireland is investing resources into 3 project areas known as the ‘Lighthouse Projects’ to build an understanding of the benefits of an EHR in the Irish healthcare system. These projects are in the clinical disciplines of Epilepsy, Haemophilia and Bipolar Disorder.

The haemophilia Lighthouse project will be led by Dr Barry White who is the National Haemophilia Director on behalf the National Haemophilia service of Ireland. This service is based in the National Coagulation Centre (NCC) at St. James’s Hospital and includes two other Comprehensive Care Centres; Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin (National Paediatric Service for Haemophilia) and Cork University Hospital (which provides a comprehensive service for adults and children).

The NCC is seeking to implement an integrated care solution on the basis that the deliverables will be openly shared. This integrated care record solution could /should illustrate both the challenges and potential of such change to underpin both healthcare service transformation and related EHR strategy/development across St James’s Hospital, the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group and indeed the wider health system across Ireland.


The project is aiming to achieve improvements across the key domains of healthcare delivery; quality and safety, patient experience and cost effectiveness.


The purpose of the haemophilia Lighthouse project is to leverage the existing haemophilia infrastructure to deploy an advanced e-health platform for haemophilia which will:

  • Improve haemophilia care
  • Provide an exemplar to demonstrate the benefits of full e-health deployment
  • Provide generic learning that can be deployed to services within the Irish Health System.

Key components of the solution

The key components of the e-health solution will be:

  • A patient portal to radically improve self-management (online choose and book, access to electronic record, advanced inpatient and home educational modules, ability for patients to report outcome measures in the home setting).
  • Deployment of full paperless EPR including diagnostic coding, medication management, clinical notes, order sets, integrated electronic care pathways, real-time performance reports, provider approval and reminders.
  • Data repository and analytics. A data repository will be deployed to collect data from all relevant sources and provide a base for data analytics. An advanced analytics platform will be deployed to provide state of the art patient and populations analytics including predictive analytics addressing the key domain of healthcare patient experience, clinical outcomes, safety measures and resource utilisation.


Ruth Hunter Nolan,
Quality Assurance Officer,
National Coagulation Centre,
December 2016


For updates on all Lighthouse Projects go to: https://www.ehealthireland.ie/Lighthouse-Projects/