Haemophilia & von Willebrand Disorder; An Essential Handbook for Parents

As a parent, when a child is diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, you may feel scared, worried and perhaps even guilty. This may be an especially hard time for those who have no family history of the condition.

It is important to remember that with good treatment the child with a bleeding disorder has every chance of growing up as an active, fit person who can participate in family, school and later working life. Because bleeding disorders are rare conditions parents may feel isolated and alone and it is very helpful to be put in touch with others in a similar position.

The Society offers support and advice to help improve the quality of life for people with bleeding disorders – and we hope that this publication is a useful, reassuring and helpful resource.

You can read / download it below – if you would like a physical copy, please contact the office on 01 657 99 00 or