2012 WFH Congress


The 30th World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Congress took place in Paris, from the 8th to 12th July 2012. The Congress was attended by 5,400 delegates from all corners of the world, a record number to date. With Paris being so near Ireland it was great to see 19 staff, board and members of the Society attend the Congress this year. We arrived on Sunday morning and after registering we set up the Irish Haemophilia Society publications display in the Exhibition Hall. Delegates attending the Congress had access to the stand for the duration of the Congress and the stand was manned by staff and board members over the course of the Congress.

Our publications were very popular and having spoken to many overseas delegates, we received many comments praising the publications. The biggest compliment of all was when I was told that some of our publications are being translated into other languages. We also had eight posters on display over the course of the week copies of which you will find on pages 13 to 20.


The Opening Ceremony took place on Sunday evening and when you see all the attending delegates gathered together it really brings home to you the scale of the event. Mr. Mark Skinner, President of WFH, outlined the journey of the WFH which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and started originally with 12 National Member Organisations (NMO’s) and now has a total of 122 NMO’s. Mr. Skinner spoke about the WFH Global Alliance for Progress (GAP) programme which started in 2003 and which has been a huge success worldwide. Mr. Skinner was delighted to announce that due to the previous success of the GAP programme, the WFH will undertake a second decade of the GAP programme which will continue from 2013 until 2022.


The Opening Ceremony also highlighted the progress that has been made in recent times. With the Congress officially opened it was time to mingle with delegates in the Exhibition Hall, and to get ready for the first day of talks at the Congress, the following morning.


Click here to view the WFH Congress 2012 Supplement which gives lots of information in relation to the sessions at the Congress.

WFH Congress Diary 2012

The Society had a total of eight posters displayed at the conference. These posters were as follows:

* Severe Bleeding Disorders Alert Cards. Authors: Brian O\’Mahony, Debbie Greene.

* Treatment Outcome in Young Adults Survey of 8 Countries – Preliminary Results. Authors: D. Noone, B. O\’Mahony, L. Prihodova.

* Benefits of Individual Communications Strategy from a National Haemophilia Society. Authors: Anne Duffy, Nina Storey.

* A Recruitment Plan for Volunteers. Authors: Nuala Mc Auley, Fiona Brennan, Brian O\’Mahony.

* Economic Impact of an Efficient Inclusive National Tender System for Factor Concentrates. Author: Brian O\’Mahony.

* A Strategy for Women with Bleeding Disorders: The Irish Experience. Author: Debbie Greene.

* Participation of Children in National Haemophilia Conferences. Authors: Fiona Brennan, Nuala Mc Auley, Debbie Greene.

* Patient Organisation Involvement in the Management of Hepatitis C. Authors: Brian O\’Mahony, Anne Duffy, Declan Noone.