Humanitarian Aid Programme

Since 2004, the Irish Haemophilia Society (I.H.S.) has distributed over 9 million units of factor concentrates for the treatment of Factor VIII, Factor IX, von Willebrand\’s disease and inhibitors. Over 95% of this is plasma-derived products.

The Irish Haemophilia Society has been working with the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) on their Humanitarian Aid Programme since 2004. The WFH send donations from companies to their main distribution site in Georgia, USA.  However, WFH needs a second outlet for product donations, and the Irish Haemophilia Society gladly assisted.  The average number of units we have distributed per year for the WFH is 3.63 million units.  In the last two years, the WFH has been gifted larger and larger amounts of products and as a result, the I.H.S. have assisted with redistributing 4.7 million units of these donations.  The number of countries that has received factor through the I.H.S. Humanitarian Aid Programme is 25.