2010 WFH Congress

The 29th World Federation of Haemophilia Congress took place in Buenos Aires from 11th to 15th July 2010. It was a fantastic experience to meet and interact with so many people from so many countries throughout the world. The Opening Ceremony was excellent with nearly 3,000 delegates attending and enjoying Argentinean ballet and the Tango. Participants also were treated to a Cultural Evening of Argentinean folklore and dance, and some even received Tango lessons.

Ireland was well represented in that we had four board members of the Society, three staff members along with many clinicians from the NCHCD, and also some members of the Society. We also had at various times over the course of the conference nine posters on display in the exhibition hall in relation to a variety of issues. We had a booth within the World Federation of Hemophilia Resource Centre which was manned by both board members and I.H.S. staff and was a huge success. We brought four suitcases of various publications, and we were delighted that we had nothing left at the end of the Congress.
Click here to view the Autumn 2010 WFH Supplement from Congress where you will find some interesting articles from the various sessions.

At the WFH Congress, 2010 lectures were delivered by Brian O’Mahony and Anne Duffy and the Society had a total of ten posters displayed at the conference. These posters were as follows:

*Psychosocial Workshops Belarus 2009. Haemophilia. Author: Anne Duffy

*Individual Communication Strategy from a National Haemophilia Society. Haemophilia. Authors: Anne Duffy, Declan Noone

*A Survey of Factor use in 19 European Countries. Haemophilia. Author: Brian O\’ Mahony

*A Training Course in Factor Replacement Therapy Concepts for Haemophilia Organisation Leaders. Haemophilia. Author: Brian O\’ Mahony

*A training course in factor replacement therapy concepts for haemophilia organisation leaders, B.O’MAHONY,

*Education and Integration of the Entire Family into Programmes and Activities: The Irish Experience. Haemophilia. Author: Debbie Greene

*Haemophilia in central and western Europe: a comparison, B. O’MAHONY and D. NOONE

*Patient advocacy in the Asia-Pacific region; a report from the third Asia, Pacific Haemophilia Advisory Board meeting, C. BARNES,* Y. ZHULYEV, B. O’MAHONY and C. GU

*A consensus statement on key global issues relating to blood and plasma, B. O’MAHONY* and A. TURNER

*Compensation – a global overview, B. O’MAHONY

*Comparison of prophylaxis, on-demand, or combined treatment in 20–35year old males with severe haemophilia in 4 European countries B. O’MAHONY and D. NOONE

*Hepatitis C Progression and Treatment in the Haemophilia Population in Ireland. Authors: Brian O\’Mahony, Lelia Thornton, Niamh Murphy