Social Welfare

Any member of the Irish Haemophilia Society who wishes to apply for social welfare, will be offered support as follows:

  • The I.H.S. will engage with the member and guide them through the process of applying for the benefit with the assistance of Citizens Information.
  • The I.H.S. will accompany the member to any meetings, assessments and appeals when requested.
  • The I.H.S. will provide the member with a letter which will support the member’s application.
  • The I.H.S. will engage proactively with the Department of Social Protection on the members’ behalf.

If you would up to date information in relation to social welfare or assistance in relation to applying for social welfare, please contact the office on 01 6579900.

Please click on the links below to view I.H.S. publications on:
• A guide to benefits & allowances for adults with haemophilia
A guide for parents of a child with haemophilia
A guide to benefits & allowances for carers