Young Adults & Teenagers

Teenage years are a time of great physical, emotional and social change for teenagers. There is an increased need for more independence and control over their lives, and to fit in well with their friends. They also take on new responsibilities such as managing their health needs, self-infusions, haemophilia check-ups and school commitments. However, for many children, accurate diary keeping and self-infusion may start at an earlier age. Learning these skills can help increase a sense of control, independence and self-esteem. But at the same time, the desire to participate in all the same sports and physical activities as other teenagers presents many challenges and can lead to risky behaviour. Fitting in with friends and classmates becomes very important. Teenagers can be very sensitive about their body image. Some teenagers experience anger because they feel different and left out. Some reject haemophilia by ignoring their routine care. Teenagers may feel emotional stress.  A child who has been encouraged to talk about his or her feelings, and taught how to take good care of his or her body, will likely be able to deal better with teenage challenges.