School Visits

Academically, there is no difference between a child with haemophilia or related bleeding disorder and a child with no bleeding disorder. However, sometimes children may miss school when they are recovering from a bleed. Teachers should do their best to make the child comfortable when they come back, and should help them catch up on work they have missed.

At playgroup and primary school normal play activities present little in the way of problems and the child should be allowed to play alongside the other children. Primary school level sports are usually less competitive and children with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders should be allowed to take part in all activities, unless they have specific problems. In secondary school sports often become more competitive and injuries are more common. Sports with a high level of physical contact such as rugby or boxing are not recommended.

If your child is starting crèche, playschool or primary school and you are a little worried, we are here to help. We will arrange to visit the school and will talk to the teachers and educate them about haemophilia or a related bleeding disorder. We can also supply I.H.S. publications. This service can be arranged at the schools convenience.

If you would like more information, contact Robert on 01 657 9900.

Please click on the link below if you would like to read the I.H.S. publication: