Youth Leadership Programme

The I.H.S. Youth Leadership Programme focuses on understanding haemophilia, self development and leadership.

The programme is for young people with haemophilia, or a related bleeding disorders, carriers and their siblings from the ages of 12 -17 years. The aim of the programme is to develop the skills and confidence to make positive choices for the management of their health care, recreation and personal relationships so that they can lead independent, active and fulfilling lives and participate actively in the bleeding disorders community. The leadership aspect of the programme looks at ways for young people affected by bleeding disorders to communicate with each other and other younger members, share experiences and learn life skills.

If you are interested, please call Robert in the office on 01 6579900.

The programme will focus on 3 main areas as follows:

  1. Understanding Haemophilia
  2. Self-Development
  3. Leadership