Tips from the Experts

During our Parent’s Conference in June this year, at the “Don’t Exclude the Sibling” session presented by Olwen Halvey, Social Worker, NCHCD, St James’s Hospital, the following tips were suggested by the parents themselves from their own experiences of what helps to build good relationships with siblings of a child with haemophilia or related bleeding disorder:

  • Parent being honest and open with siblings
  • Encouraging siblings to be involved in treatment
  • Help siblings look at the Positive aspects of haemophilia
  • Having individual special time for the siblings
  • Making positive comments – reward good behaviour
  • Involve siblings in treatment at home and in hospital
  • Have bedtime reflection on how siblings are doing
  • Spending equal time with each child
  • Take lead from siblings
  • Do not get angry with siblings if they come into room while treatment is being given
  • Have playtime with used syringes
  • Take your time with treatment to allow siblings take part.


Anne Duffy
Irish Haemophilia Society