Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care
If you have a bleeding disorder, or carry the gene, it is important to see a haematologist who specialises in bleeding disorders. In Ireland, these haematologists can be found at Comprehensive care centres or Haemophilia Treatment Centres.
If you have bleeding symptoms that are causing problems for you, your doctor may suspect that you have a bleeding disorder and refer you to a Haemophilia Treatment Centre. Or you may have a family history of males and females in your family with a bleeding disorder. If you have bleeding symptoms as well, it is recommended that you or your parents talk to your GP (family doctor) about a referral to a Haemophilia Treatment Centre. Diagnosis and treatment of haemophilia, von Willebrand disease (VWD) and rare clotting factor deficiencies are a specialised area of medicine. It is important to have a referral to a Haemophilia Treatment Centre where a team of health professionals who are experts in providing treatment and care to people with bleeding disorders can make sure you’re getting the best care and information. These Centres are part of public hospitals, where attendance is free for those with bleeding disorders and their close relatives
Care for people with haemophilia is delivered as part of comprehensive care model ( For more information). Your treatment centre will supply you with an alert card that you should carry with you in case of injury or bleeding. In case of a serious accident or injury, this should help to ensure that the healthcare team treating you will know that you have haemophilia.

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