Swim a mile


I am Jennifer and I am 10 years old. I live in Leitrim with my mum and dad, my brother Callum, my two dogs DILL & SYD, and my goldfish Bruce.

My brother Callum who is 9 years old has severe haemophilia. Sometimes it\’s really hard as he doesn\’t always like having his medication but if he didn\’t have haemophilia, then I wouldn\’t have met all the friends that I have when we go away on the haemophilia weekends.

I also wouldn\’t get to go to Barretstown. I have just come back from another great week, and I had so much fun and met lots of new friends. It was really special cause I got to see my friend Aoife.

When my mum said she wasn\’t able to do her charity run this year I decided that I & Callum would do a charity swim. I asked my swim teacher Fiona if we could get the whole club involved and she said that would be fine. We were going to swim a WHOLE MILE to raise money for the Haemophilia Society.

Mum helped me organise the sponsor forms and then on the 19th June Callum\’s group (AURA LEISURE SWIM CLUB ) did their swim and on the 26th June my club THE CARRICK FINS did ours. It really was brilliant, and everyone raised lots of money. My friend Emma raised over €200.00. Emma also gave me two big teddies and I dressed them in a haemophilia t-shirt and we gave them to the two people who raised the most money by themselves.

I still haven\’t collected all the money yet but so far we have got over €1400.00.
I think my friends are brilliant in helping me raise so much money for the I.H.S…………………..

Jennifer Andrews