The I.H.S. provides services and support to adults and children with haemophilia, von Willebrand’s disease and other rare bleeding disorders. Fundraising allows us to provide education and support not just to the person with a bleeding disorder, but to their whole family. With your help, we can continue to build on this support and plan for the future, so we are asking you to please fundraise for the I.H.S. Every little you can do will go a long way to helping others.

Fundraising can be in many forms, whether you plan a fundraiser yourself or take part in an organised event. If you are planning a fundraiser, we will be happy to offer information and support, along with anything you may need such as Garda permits, posters, tickets, I.H.S. t-shirts and sponsorship cards etc. Why not consider some of the ideas below?

If you are taking part in an organised event, again we will happy to provide sponsorship cards and I.H.S. t-shirts. To check out events in your area just log onto www.runireland.com and take a look at their Events Calendar. This lists all the different types of events which are taking place all around the country throughout the year. Don’t be put off by the name, it is not all about running. The events include walking, orienteering and aquathlons; there is something for everyone.

Why not make your fundraising easier by setting up your own fundraising page on mycharity.ie? It is quick and easy to set up and offers a safe and secure way for family and friends to sponsor you, no matter where they are in the world. You can then share your fundraising page on Facebook or in an email. All funds raised through mycharity.ie come directly to the I.H.S.

As important as it is to raise funds, it is just as important to raise awareness. Every fundraiser or fundraising event helps to highlight the needs of people with a rare bleeding disorder. So make this the year that you are going to give your support and fundraise for the I.H.S.

For information or help with any aspect of fundraising and on mycharity.ie just call Nina in the office on 01-657990 or email nina@haemophilia.ie.